REVIEW: Man of 100 Faces, Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh Festival ✭✭✭✭

Man of 100 Faces
Photo: Mark Senior

Paul T Davies reviews Saul Boyer in Man of 100 Faces at the Gilded Ballroom at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Man of 100 Faces.

Gilded Balloon Edinburgh Festival
4 Stars
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I stumbled across a couple of stories of undercover agents at this year’s Fringe and they couldn’t have been more different. Here we have the true story of Sir Paul Dukes, at one time head of MI6 in Russia when the revolution was at its bloodiest. It’s a remarkable tale of disguise, multiple escapes and 100 faces.

Writer and performer Saul Boyer gives a powerful physical theatre performance, trained in Lecoq techniques, and if there is another one more energetic on the Fringe this year, I’ve yet to see it. He is commanding, compelling and his vocal strength matches his physical.

It’s like a Boys Own adventure story brought to life, and, at times, the frenetic pace overwhelmed the story a little and the plot begins to get lost. But as his shirt becomes drenched in sweat as the hour progresses, he leaves nothing behind. A fantastic, powerful, thoroughly entertaining performance.

Aug 10-14, 16-29

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