REVIEW: Letters to Morrissey, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh Festival ✭✭✭✭

Last Updated on 10th August 2017

Letters to Morrissey playing at the Traverse Theatre at this year's Edinburgh Festival

Letters to Morrissey
Traverse Theatre
4 Stars
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It’s a welcome return to the Traverse and the Fringe Festival to  Gary McNair, whose wonderful A Gambler’s Guide to Dying blew me apart at this venue a couple of years ago. This time he tells a tale of teenage angst channeled through his love of Morrissey, and letters written to the star, signed by the Boy with the Thorn in his Side.

McNair is a highly engaging performer, weaving the story expertly, taking us through the past in a small Scottish town, the treatment of those deemed outsiders, each character beautifully drawn. It’s not important to like Morrissey, anyone who has been disaffected or angst ridden will associate with the story teller.

A particular highlight is a Morrissey concert, where McNair transports us to an even higher level of experience, simply by using a microphone. Powerful, funny and poignant, underscored by a highly effective sound scape by Danny Krass, this love letter to music will stay with you long after the Fringe.


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