REVIEW: Heart Of Winter, Live at Zedel ✭✭✭✭✭

Douglas Mayo reviews Heart Of Winter, a one-woman song cycle performed by Rebecca Trehearn at Live at Zedel.

Rebecca Heart of Heart Of Winter
Rebecca Trehearn in Heart Of Winter.

Heart Of Winter
Live at Zedel – Crazy Coqs
9 May 2018
5 Stars

I loved Heart Of Winter when I first heard Tim Connor and Lia Buddle’s score in CD form back in 2016. It was exciting to see the work for the first time on its feet, performed by Rebecca Trehearn.

I maintain my original comment that for me it felt like a Tell Me On A Sunday for a modern generation, except here we are talking about one girl and one relationship with a dalianceat the end. Thoughts, emotions and happenings come at the audience thick and fast for most of the cycle demanding that the audience pay attention and if you do the experience becomes all the richer.

Rebecca Trehearn makes for a sensational Kate, she injects comedy, light and shade into Heart Of Winter and really this Northern girl to life. It’s a performance of incredible honesty and handles some of the incredibly wordy songs like The Driving Lesson and Back To School with aplomb, in the latter adding a half dozen childrens characters into a lyrical maelstrom that would give Hamilton a run for its money!

What interests me know is what happens next? Heart Of Winter runs for about 35 minutes. It’s that good that those 35 minutes whiz by in no time flat. I’m keen to see whether the writers leave it as is or whether they have a bigger plan for this gem.

Heart of Winter has one more performance at Crazy Coqs on the 15th May and if you are a fan of British Musicals you really shouldn’t miss it.


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