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Last Updated on 17th August 2022

Paul T Davies reviews Grav, a play by Owen Thomas now playing at the Gilded Balloon as part of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Grav Edinburgh Fringe

Gilded Balloon Edinburgh
Edinburgh Fringe
5 Stars
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Ray Gravell, Welsh rugby legend, sometime actor, and cultural icon. Played for Llanelli, 23 caps for Wales, part of the British Lions. You don’t have to be Welsh, or a rugby fan, the play is one of the universal themes of achieving your dreams, love, loss and life. It’s deeply moving yet sings with pride

A perfect script scrums down with the perfect actor. Gareth J Bale wears the role as comfortably as his rugby shirt, with a commanding voice and taking us through Grav’s life. Speaking to his dead mum from a worn dressing room, it’s a play of huge emotional depth. Central is a legendary game when Llanelli beat New Zealand 9-3 at home, the passion, the pride the glory. This contrasts beautifully with the tragedy, his leg amputated because of diabetes, and the devastating discovery of his father’s body when he was a teenager. When the tale becomes to much, Bale turns his back to us because that generation never showed their emotions in public.

For me, it was a hugely emotional experience, but don’t think this review is a rave because my Welsh heart overflowed. Every heart will fill with pride, every eye will shed a tear in this theatrical tour de force.

Aug 16-21, 23-28

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