REVIEW: Finding Nana, Pleasance, Edinburgh Fringe ✭✭✭✭

Finding Nana at Edinburgh FringeFinding Nana
15 August 2017
4 Stars

Jane Upton’s autobiographical play about her grandmother is a beautifully crafted piece that charts a journey through dementia with great sensitivity. In trying to return to holidays with Nana on the Isle of Wight, Jane fears she too will lose memories of one of the most significant people in her life. She need not fear, this is a wonderful memorial.

Phoebe Frances Brown is excellent as Jane, skillfully taking us through stages of grief and recovery. The director, Katie Posner, allows the play to breathe and flow. The ingenious set design allows the bed to become the boat that charts its way through the waters of memory and its loss.

Although a personal piece, the play is about the shared experience of grief, and is a warm elegy to loss and love. You will not only feel that you know Jane’s Nana, but leave with your loved ones with you.


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