REVIEW: Clown Radio, Headgate Theatre, Colchester Fringe ✭✭✭✭

Guest reviewer Sparky Backman Juliff reviews Clown Radio at the Headgate Theatre as part of the Colchester Fringe Festival.

Clown Radio

Clown Radio
Headgate Theatre, Colchester Fringe
4 Stars
Colchester Fringe Website

Clown Radio is a brilliant comedy that is interactive with the audience all the way from the start, from having socks, oranges and bananas thrown at you to being led out of the room with a rose in your hand…This work in progress show is full of random and unexpected things. Ollie is a comedy guinness and if I didn’t know beforehand that it was a work in progress show, I would never have known, the humour is perfect for the whole family. His miming was fantastic and his acting skills were excellent, he also used the props very well but he didn’t rely on them too much so there was a perfect mix of physical props and miming. I could not stop laughing while watching this spectacular performance!


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