REVIEW: Boorish Trumpton, Three Wise Monkeys, Colcesheter Fringe ✭✭✭✭

Guest reviewer Sparky Backman Juliff reviews Boorish Trumpton at Three Wise Monkeys as part of the Colchester Fringe Festival.

Boorish TrumptonBoorish Trumpton
Three Wise Monkeys, Colchester Fringe Festival
YOU are the orchestra and Boorish Trumpson is your temporary rehearsal conductor, the only problem is…Boorish is a power-grabbing rehearsal conductor who will stop at nothing to gain ultimate control. Do you play any instruments? No? Well you do now!
This performance is very interactive with the audience and makes you forget that you’re actually watching a show. Boorish’s personality and accent was absolutely hysterical, my favourite bit of the performance was definitely when Boorish made me and mum swap seats, (we were sitting right next to each other) because apparently, I was not a good enough musician. I also think Claire’s miming skills were amazing, there were parts where she didn’t speak but I still understood what was happening. It was hilarious!
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