REVIEW: Best Man, Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe ✭✭✭✭

Paul T Davies reviews Best Man at Underbelly presented as part of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Best Man
Best Man
Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe
4 Stars
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Welcome to the Best Man speech at the kind of wedding we’ve all been to!  Cathal is ready to give his speech, but he’s lost it, so he’ll just talk off the cuff
He’s the only single man left among his friendship group and his despair and bitterness begin to crash through.

Created by Mikey Fleming and Colman Hayes, this is a hilarious hour full of Irish charm and great writing. Hayes is brilliant as the Best Man, using the audience as, among others, the happy couple, John and Rebecca. He riffs on their responses so the show will be different every time, and it’s a lively mix of script and improvisation.

My only criticism is that he can’t be seen by most of the audience when he goes to the floor, especially at the end when he breaks down. This is the venue, so perhaps show more of that despair before descending! That aside, this is an hour that grabs you in a boozy hug and you don’t even mind!

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