REVIEW: Anchor, Mercury Theatre, Colchester Fringe✭✭✭✭

Guest reviewer Sparky Backman Juliff reviews Anchor at the Mercury Theatre as part of the Colchester Fringe.

Anchor Colchester Fringe

Mercury Theatre, Colchester Fringe Festival

Anchor is a unique performance that represents the complexities of relationships, the ups the downs and everything in between. This performance is very physical, a mix of theatre and dance. It starts with the actors, Elsa Couvreur and Mehdi Duman, from ‘Divisar’ and ‘Woman’s Move’,Geneva, Switzerland, dragging each other across the stage floor with most of their clothing scattered around. They later go on to play hide and seek together but it doesn’t go that well. Mehdi pulled me up on stage while Elsa was still counting with her eyes closed and when she was done counting, she tried to find Mehdi, with her eyes still closed and he hid behind me while moving us around the stage. When Elsa finally found me and when she was just about to kiss me, (thinking i was Mehdi) she opened her eyes and was very confused at first but then realised it was her partners doing. I think their use of clothes as props was really clever and…interesting. Overall, a beautiful and intriguing performance that I truly enjoyed watching.
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