REVIEW: 52 Monologues for Young Transexuals, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Fringe ✭✭✭✭

Paul T Davies reviews 52 Monologues for Young Transexuals at the Pleasance Courtyard as part of the Edinburgh Fringe.

52 Monologues for Young Transexuals
52 Monologues for Young Transexuals
Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Fringe
4 Stars
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Join Laurie and Charli, two young trans women, for a high-octane and moving piece, part verbatim theatre and part dirty cabaret. Words and experiences are twisted and formed into a show that really delivers the trans experience. It is informative and entertaining, managing to be both in your face and tender in equal measure.
The two are extraordinary, their friendship shining through, they work so well together. There are outstanding sequences when we see misogyny acted out using real words and situations, and the abuse trans women get is theatrically recreated so well that it’s good to know that theatre still has the power to shock. Although it goes to some dark places, it is also funny and celebratory.
It’s a call to arms for understanding, fierce and proud, ringing with authenticity. To be honest, any show that ends with the Streisand and Summer classic gets my vote! It sums up transphobia. Enough is Enough.
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