Play Something Heads To Edinburgh Festival

Play Something to perform at Edinburgh Festival

Photo: Jazz Ely

Following its acclaimed premiere at the Mercury Theatre in 2016, Stage Write will be taking the show to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer!

“Side One, track two. That song is about me.”

Two men meet in a club. It’s supposed to just be casual sex. But their paths keep crossing, keeping it casual for years, until feelings deepen. But how does a non-emotional man become emotional? To tell you their story they ask the DJ to play something. Something to make love to, to split up to, to celebrate, to cry, and to play the Forever Song. They are the songs of all of us. Covering decades, younger become older and the play becomes the story of everyone who has loved, lost, and loved again, and had Our Song.

Writer and director Paul T. Davies says, “We had a tremendous response to the play when we presented it last year, yet we felt we still could do more to develop it. Performing at Edinburgh gives us a new opportunity to remix the play! It’s now leaner, has, even more, depth thanks to the chances we have had to improvise and explore the play further. We were especially pleased that, although the play is clearly about a gay couple, everyone in the audience who has loved, had a relationship, had songs that are important to them, regardless of their sexuality, connected with the story of this couple, from first meeting to the end of their story.”

An exclusive performance of the play will be presented at the Lakeside Theatre, University of Essex, on April 27th- giving local audience the chance to see the show ahead of its Edinburgh run at Greenside@Nicholson Square.



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