Ovalhouse recieves £3million Arts Council Grant

New Ovalhouse Theatre
Artists impression of the new Ovalhouse Theatre

The Arts Council has announced that they will confirm an award for a total of £3million to be invested in the new theatre which comes in tandem with the news that Ovalhouse has secured an offer as a National Portfolio Organisation with a revenue grant for 2018-22.

As Ovalhouse prepare to move from their current small-scale theatre in Oval to a new building in Brixton with its opening scheduled in late 2019.

Designed by Foster Wilson Architects, the building wilhave seven rehearsal studios and two studio theatres with disabled access all built to a high sustainable standard. The balance of the cost of the building will be paid from proceeds from the sale of Ovalhouse’s current site and additional fundraising.

Deborah Bestwick, Director of Ovalhouse said “We have always known that this is an ambitious project – to build a new theatre in hard times, but we look at the work of our artists, and know that we are investing in the future. This grant unlocks that future”.


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