New Cast Announced For School Of Rock West End

Last Updated on 14th July 2018

New casting is announced as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s School Of Rock enters its third year at the Gillian Lynne Theatre.

School Of Rock Gillian Lynne Theatre
Craig Gallivan as Dewey Finn and the kids of School Of Rock. Photo: Tristram Kenton

On 22 August 2018, the third year students of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s School of Rock will take to the stage. Based on the iconic film of the same name, this award-winning musical sees young kids embrace the power of rock!

Craig Gallivan will lead the cast in the role of Dewey Finn with Laura Tebbutt as Rosalie Mullins, Alan Pearson as Ned Schneebly, Michelle Francis as Patty DiMarco and Jake Sharp who will play Dewey Finn at certain performances.  The remaining adult cast comprise John Addison, Nick Butcher, Rob Falconer, Martina Isibor, Claudia Kariuki, Jessica Louise Parkinson, Richard Morse, Andy Rees, Hannah Stratton, Alex Tomkins and James Wolstenholme with swings Paul Kemble, Jessica Kirton, Billy Mitchell, Catherine Morris and Andy Prosser.

Joining the adult cast of School Of Rock are three teams of twelve kids, who make up Dewey’s band, and play live at every performance.  From 22 August 2018 the kids cast comprise Albert Atack (ten years old from Sheffield), Amos Mayland (ten years old from Cornwall) and Oscar Rice (eleven years old from London) who will play Zack; Jamal Ahmed (twelve years old from Surrey), Jasper Bew (eleven years old from London) and Nayan Gupta (ten years old from Sheffield) who will play Freddy; Noah Gupta-Wright (twelve years old from London), Alfie Humphreys (eleven years old from Bedfordshire) and Tom Kochalski (twelve years old from South Wales) who will play Lawrence; Carys John (ten years old from Wiltshire), Amelie Leatherland (twelve years old from Brighton) and Ellie Wilcox (eleven years old from Essex) who will play Katie; Jack Gale (eleven years old from Hertfordshire), Jakub Kopec (eleven years old from Surrey) and Jensen York (twelve years old from Warwickshire) who will play Billy; Amelie Green (eleven years old from London), Anya Hewett (ten years old from County Durham) and Éibhleann Rose McCormack(ten years old from West Sussex) who will play Summer; Kaylah Black (twelve years old from London), Sara Sheen (twelve years old from Manchester) and Charis Claresta Tetteh (twelve years old from Essex) who will play Tomika; Adam Djazel (ten years old from London), Harley Gallacher (twelve years old from Kent) and Stanley Voss (eleven years old from Buckinghamshire) who will play James; Calypso Bailey (twelve years old from Essex), Ellie Kit Jones (ten years old from London) and Shani Roberts(ten years old from Essex) who will play Marcy; Harry Linacre Brown (ten years old from London),Charlie Gallacher (twelve years old from Kent) and Samuelle John-Brown (twelve years old from Buckinghamshire) who will play Mason; Jasmine Brightmore (eleven years old from London), Lia Summer Higgs (eleven years old from Essex) and Shaye Temple (eleven years old from London) who will play Shonelle; Zoe Coleman (twelve years old from London), Aoife Connelly (ten years old from Essex) and Frankie-Mae Garner (eleven years old also from Essex) who will play Sophie.

Continuing the search for the opportunity to ‘join the band’, further kids open auditions will take place later this year in Plymouth on 8 September, in Manchester on 22 September, in London on 17 and 18 October for musicians, and on 13 and 15 November for ensemble. If you are between 8 – 12 years old and play a rock instrument (guitar, bass, piano, and/or drums) or sing, registration and further details can be found by contacting Jessica Ronane Casting at [email protected] or at

School Of Rock continues its run at the Gillian Lynne Theatre where it is now booking until 20 October 2019.


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