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I’ve really been enjoying some of the great theatre related podcasts that are available and I wanted to update you with some new favourites that we really love. These three podcasts caught my eyes (and ears) because they are recorded by passionate fans of musical theatre and theatre professionals and because rather than a straight informative broadcast each has broadened my appreciation for the musicals discussed.

Richard Carroll Every Musical Ever


Richard Carroll is a man who likes his musicals. It’s evident just a few minutes into the very first podcast in this ongoing series. The writer/director/producer based in Australia focuses each episode on a particular musical. Each episode has a guest who talks to Richard about the chosen show because they are passionate about it or have some link to a production of the show. Carroll, who grew up in the UK uses his love of theatre to make this podcast informative but also to get others passionate about musicals. The podcast is unique in that it sometimes offers an isolated perspective that can probably be appreciated by anyone who is theatrically isolated or who doesn’t have the smorgasboard of musicals and immediacy of London or New York. One thing is for sure Carroll’s is passionate about this subject and is the sort of friend you’d love to have if you love to hang out and chat about musicals.


Created and hosted by Gillian Pensavalle, The Hamilcast revolves around Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton and is perhaps the ultimate fan tribute podcast ever created for a show. Starting before she had even seen the show, the podcast has grown to where, in October, she welcomed Lin-Manuel Miranda into her home for an interview. Pensavalle is one hell of a podcast producer, it becomes clear through each edition that she is vibrant, passionate and runs at 110% most of the time and that passion becomes unexpectedly addictive as you progress through episodes up to the present day. Featuring discussions abot Ron Chernow’s biography and peeople associated with the show this is a must for fans of Hamilton and I’m sure The Hamilcast will pick up more fans when the show opens here in December.

Ken Davenport's The Producers Perspective


Broadway producer Ken Davenport recently presented his 100th episode of this podcast where he interviews some of the biggest names in both Broadway and international theatre. The great and the good of theatreland have sat down with Ken to talk about their careers and the business of show. We particularly liked podcasts with Tim Rice, David Stobe, Jack O’Brien, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, Steven Pasquale, Robert Lopez, Pasek and Paul, Stephen Schwartz, John Caird and Jerry Mitchell.

Inside The WEst End Theatre POdcast


A lively podcast developed and featuring two British actors Ben Morris and Rob Copeland, Inside The West End gives listeners a real eye-opening look at some of the most interesting people in the West End. Take the time to listen to some of their more obscure subjects like Room 108 at Phantom to really get an insider’s view of the West End. We thoroughly enjoyed his conversations with Tim Minchin, West End Producer, Sasha Regan, Barry James, Stiles and Drewe and David Fynn. Ben and Rob ask the questions we’ve always wanted to know the answers to with flair and a real honest approach.

Jimmi and Tomic's Musical Theatre Happy Hour


This transatlantic musical theatre production again looks at a different musical each episode. Both hosts started as You Tube content creators and their love of musicals is complimented by the fact that both have been involved on stage and backstage in various musicals on an educational and amateur level. Musical Theatre Happy Hour is the perfect example of how love of musicals can transcend distance. Both Jimmi and Tomic have made me look at favourite shows in different ways and what makes them unique on the podcast scene is that they have started to look at new shows started with 35mm A Musical Exhibition. Fun, educational with some fabulous tangents, its easy to get carried away by these two fabulous hosts.

Theater People Podcast


Two of our podcast favourites are the work of Broadway’s Patrick Hinds. Patrick’s personality and enthusiasm for his subject is infectious and he’s certainly spoken to some of the biggest names on Broadway including Emily Skinner, Carmen Cusack, Betsy Wolfe, Laura Michelle Kelly, Sierra Boggess and our favourite Megan Hilty.

One last note, if you listen to any of the podcasts we mention please ensure that you rate the podcasts so that more people can be made aware of these hard-working podcasters and the great podcasts they create. We’ve not seen any new episodes of Theater People for a while and Patrick if you are reading this we miss your contagious enthusiasm. Enjoy!

Broadway Backstory Podcast


Have you ever wondered just how your favourite musicals were put together. This recent addition to the podcast market again by Broadway’s Patrick Hinds looks at just how big musicals were put together. In The Heights, Fun Home, The Secret Garden and The 25th Annual Puttnam County Spelling Bee have already been backstoried and we’ve found this series intriguing as the people “in the room where it happened” so to speak are interviewed about how musicals are made. It’s an intriguing look at shows as you’ve never seen them before and sometimes you have to wonder just how they ever made it to the stage in the first place.

Let us know what you think of these podcasts. If you know of any other podcasts that might be of interest to our readers, email us the details to [email protected].

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