Mamma Mia! celebrates 20 years in London

Last Updated on 4th August 2023

Mamma Mia! celebrated 20 years in London on 6 April 2019 with a special curtain call at the Novello Theatre.

Mamma Mia! 20th Birthday Novello Theatre London
Jenny Galloway, Judy Craymer, Benny Andersson, Siobhan Murphy, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Catherine Johnson and Phyllida Lloyd.

On Saturday 6 April, Mamma Mia! celebrated its 20th birthday at London’s Novello Theatre. The current cast were joined on stage for the Finale of Dancing Queen by 13 former ‘Dynamos’, including the original ‘Donna’, Siobhan McCarthy, and the original ‘Rosie’, Jenny Galloway.  Producer Judy Craymer paid tribute to the original ‘Tanya’, Louise Plowright, who sadly passed away in 2016.

The original ‘girl power’ musical, produced by Judy Craymer, directed by Phyllida Lloyd and written by Catherine Johnson, who all appeared on stage at the end of the show, was created around the songs of ABBA’s Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, who joined the ladies and cast on stage at the curtain call. Talking to the ecstatic audience, Björn described Judy, Phyllida and Catherine as ‘three angels’.

The London cast of Mamma Mia! currently stars Sara Poyzer as Donna, Kate Graham as Tanya, Ricky Butt as Rosie, Richard Trinder as Sam, Neil Moors as Harry, Stephen Beckett as Bill, Lucy May Barker as Sophie, Alec Porter as Sky, Charlotte O’Rourke as Ali, Leah St Luce as Lisa, Damian Buhagiar as Pepper and Eamonn Cox as Eddie, with Caroline Deverill playing the role of Donna Sheridan at certain performances.

Also in the cast are Chloe Ames, Chloe-Jo Byrnes, Adam Clayton-Smith, Adam Davidson, Luke Hall, Lauren Hampton, Jack Heasman, Jennifer Hepburn, Stuart Hickey, Zoe Humphryes, Mark Isherwood, Tyler Kennington, Robert Knight, Chanel Mian, James Willoughby Moore, Natasha O’Brien, Dean Read, Beth Relf, Annie Southall and Katy Stredder.


Mamma Mia!
Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson. Photo: Jeff Moore
Mamma Mia Musical
Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Catherine Johnson. Photo: Dave Benett
Mamma Mia! London tickets
Bjorn Ulvaeus, Judy Craymer and Benny Andersson. Photo: Jeff Moore
Mamma Mia! musical London
Bjorn Ulvaeus, Siobhan McCarthy (original Donna) and Benny Andersson at Mamma Mia!’s 20th. Photo: Dave Benett
Mamma Mia! London
The cast and former Dynamos. Photo: Jeff Moore
Mamma Mia 20th Birthday London
Current cast and former dynamos at Mamma Mia’s 20th Birthday. Photo: Jeff Moore
Mamma Mia! 20th Birthday
Current and former casts of Mamma Mia with the producers and creatives. Photo: Dave Benett
Mamma Mia 20th London
Former Dynamos arriving backstage to surprise audience. Photo: Jeff Moore
Mamma Mia tickets London
Jenny Golloway, Judy Craymer, Benny Andersson, Siobhan Murphy, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Catherine Johnson and Phyllida Lloyd.
Mamma Mia 20th Birthday Novello Theatre
Judy Craymer, Kate Graham, Benny Andersson, Sara Poyzer, Catherine Johnson, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Ricky Butt.
Mamma Mia! 20th Birthday London
Past and current Dynamos at Mamma Mia! 20th Birthday. Photo: Dave Benett
Mamma Mia! tickets Novello Theatre
Phyllida Lloyd, Judy Craymer, and Catherine Johnson at Mamma Mia’s 20th. Photo: Jeff Moore
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