King Cowboy Rufus comes to London Theatre Workshop

King Cowboy Rufus Rules The Universe at London Theatre Workshop

Richard Foreman’s King Cowboy Rufus Rules The Universe will recieve its UK premiere at London Theatre Workshop in a production directed by Patrick Kennedy from 14 August 2017.

In Richard Foreman’s most overtly political play, Rufus is and is not the President of the United States and an Imitation Donald Trump. He is a cowboy who dreams of being king of the universe. Only, in the first instance, he isn’t really a cowboy, he’s a foppish English gentleman who dreams of being ‘a real American cowboy’. This Imitation King Cowboy Donald Trump is a wild bull raging inside the world’s china shop — attacked by cocooned babies, whores and worldly wise grizzly bears. Turning away from sexual exploitation, he is transformed by the alchemy of inevitable private catastrophe.

Director, designer and producer Patrick Kennedy says, ‘This is Richard Foreman at his most politically charged. Traditionally known for his hard to penetrate ritual-like objectifications of trauma, KING COWBOY RUFUS is somewhat more direct in its message but still richly multi-layered. Originally written about George Bush, the play is even more relevant now as America comes to terms with its stewardship under the megalomaniac cowboy Donald Trump.’

The cast of King Cowboy Rufus includes: Kate Baxter, Stewart Briggs, Jessica Foden, Madelaine Nicole Jennings and Dev Joshi. The production features an original score by composer and MD Kieran Stallard.

King Cowboy Rufus Rules The Universe will be presented at London Theatre Workshop from 14 – 26 August 2017.


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