INTERVIEW: Jay Osmond answers 5 quick fire questions

As The Osmonds: A New Musical fast heads towards being a very hot ticket indeed, we asked Jay Osmond some quick-fire questions about the Osmonds as a group and the new musical touring now based on their career.

Jay Osmond The Osmonds musical
Jay Osmond

What’s your favourite Osmonds song and why?

Love me for a Reason. Because ‘let the reason be love’ is a message that is so powerful. But Crazy Horses would be my next choice.

You did karate as a young man. Still doing the fancy kicks?

No, not nowadays. But I keep fit. I’m a walker – I love to walk. And I love football. I’m also doing the Pure Trim diet at the moment. It’s organic and very pure and I have lost 30lb in the last 6 months.

Big families usually mean hand-me-downs. Did you have hand-me-downs?

We had so many clothes thrown at us in the 70s that we didn’t need to hand down. But when I look back at some of the things we wore – wow! But hey, it was the 70s and we all wore crazy stuff. I can’t wait for people to see the costumes in this show!

What’s your most memorable moment of being in The Osmonds?

So many, but one that stands out is the night we went to watch Led Zeppelin in concert. We were introduced to the guys and they were just the nicest people! Robert Plant asked us to join them on stage for Stairway to Heaven. We weren’t sure that their audience would appreciate us, but eventually, we said OK. Robert introduced us as his brand new friends. I played percussion and conga. It was incredible!

The Osmonds musical tour
Danny Nattrass, Alex Lodge (playing Jay Osmond), Ryan Anderson, Jamie Chatterton, Joseph Peacock as The Osmonds. Photo: Oliver Rosser (Feast Creative)

What is your philosophy for life?

Go about life and do good. Because when you do good, you feel good. And have a purpose. Be a light to others. To me, that’s the goal in life. It’s the key.

How do you want people to be feeling when they have seen your show?

I want people to walk out of the theatre feeling lifted and excited about life; to feel joy. That’s my goal.

The Osmonds: A New Musical is now on tour.


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