Hughes, Head and Cusack Star in New Play Ticking

Last Updated on 25th February 2016

Ticking at Traflagar Studios

BAFTA nominated writer and director Paul Andrew Williams makes his theatrical debut with his play Ticking which will open at the Trafalgar Studios for a five week run on October 6th, 2015.

The play follows Simon (Tom Hughes), a young British man who is awaiting execution in a Chinese prison cell after being convicted of the murder of a local prostitute. It’s his final visiting hour and his parents (Anthony Head and Niamh Cusack) are due to arrive. He’s a bag of nervous energy and his lawyer (David Michaels) still hasn’t got any news on his appeal. Even the British Prime Minister is calling for a pardon.

As Simon and his parents wait breathlessly to see if his appeal will be successful, Simon must decide whether to confront the past with his father and expose a deeply hidden secret, or leave it buried and say his goodbyes.

The cast of Ticking will include Tom Hughes, Niamh Cusack, Anthony Head and David Michaels.

Previews begin at Traflagar Studios 2 on 6th October 2015.


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