Happy 7th Birthday BritishTheatre.com

Today BritishTheatre.com celebrates its 7th Birthday and we’d like to thank all the people who helped us to get here.

Happy birthday

Happy 7th Birthday BritishTheatre.com!

Many thanks to our amazing team of contributors and to all those who have supported and contributed to the site over those seven years.

To the theatre goers and the theatre fans thank you!

Our sincere thanks to the theatre makers, venues, venue staff, crews, the show casts, the technical suppliers, the publicists, marketing teams, and photographers.

Our appreciation to our ticketing partners as we look forward to continuing to support the theatre industry and those who made it happen at this crucial time.

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So Happy 7th Birthday BritishTheatre.com

Curtain Up! Light the lights! #TheatreIsBack


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