From The Fringe Season comes to Wimbledon Studio in June 2019.

The New Wimbledon Theatre has announced #FromTheFringe for the theatre’s studio theatre from 3 – 22 June 2019.

From The Fringe New Wimbledon Theatre FromTheFringe

For three weeks this June each night will be something different. We’ve selected from the very best submissions, a range of exciting theatre-makers and comedians to preview their work before they take them off to various fringe festivals and we cannot wait to introduce them to you.

But we are forgetting the most exciting part, see more, save more! The more shows you choose to see, the more you save overall! Our Season Saver rate allows you, in the same ticket order, to choose two different shows and get £2 off each ticket, yet if you choose three of more different shows you get a whopping £3 off per ticket. In most cases that’s a saving of 20 -30% on ticket price.

For an inexpensive ticket price with multi-buy offers available, you can afford to experiment and find a new favourite artist or style, all whilst enjoying an ice cold beer from Wimbledon Brewery, the official Beer of #FromTheFringe.

From stand-up to drama, children’s theatre to sketch comedy and musical delights, they’ve got something for everyone! This season will see the return of local favourites, comedy troupe Bad Clowns with a brand new show Cult Classic, whilst Edinburgh Fringe sell-out In Loyal Company is sure to exceed your dramatic expectations. Regarding comedians you can see Ivo Graham, Tom Houghton, Kate Lucas and Simon Brodkin to name but a few.

FromTheFringe Wimbledon Studio ArtistsAll shows On Sale Mon 4th March 10am

In Memoriam – 4th June 20:00
Do you want to escape your life? Now you can. Memoriam is a social media platform like no other.

Kate Lucas – 5th June 19:45
In a generation that only sees black and white, no grey, this multi-award winning musical comedian offers her take on how extreme and intolerant we’ve become.

Kae Kurd Kurd Your Enthusiasm – 5th June 21:30
Multi award nominated comedian and fast rising online star Kae Kurd workshops material for his brand new show.

George Rigden: Spooning with Uri – A True story of Friendship, Autographs & Cutlery – 6th June 19:45
In the wake of operation yewtree & #metoo, this is the bizarre but true story about friendship, autographs and cutlery.

Gráinne Maruire: guys – it’s problematic – 6th June 21:30
Gráinne Maguire brings a new show about anxiety, effort and how long she can be happy for (two minutes tops)

amendments: A Play on Words – 7th June 20:00
Fear of offending an increasingly sensitive populous is widespread, and any language deemed inappropriate or discriminatory is strictly forbidden to the company’s no list.

Bad Clowns: Cult Classic – 8th June 20:00
An interactive experience in which the audience finds themselves in the hands of three friendly faces of a horrific, demonic cult.

In Loyal Company – 10th June 20:00
In Loyal Company is the incredible true story of missing World War II soldier and prisoner of War Arthur Robinson, written and performed by his great-nephew, David William Bryan.

Comedy Round Mine – (image but no copy yet) – 11th June 19:45
Pull up a chair and enjoy a night of world class entertainment, right on your doorstep. Featuring the funniest comedians from the circuit and TV, performing stand-up, musical comedy and more!

Simon Brodkin: Let Me Introduce Myself – 12th June 20:00
You may know him as “comedy legend” Lee Nelson, or as the “unfunny pillock” who gave Theresa May a P45, but you won’t know him as “tiny Jew” Simon Brodkin.

Blink – 13th June 20:00
Blink is an unusual love story. A story of loneliness and grief. A story of two awkward humans coming together in their own unique way.

Nick Doody: I Will Milk You – 14th June 19:45
Only by coming to see this show can you discover why it is called ‘I Will Milk You’. It’s probably just a title. Come and see!

Steve Allen: Don’t Pay Attention to the News – 14th June 21:30
Brexit, obesity, Trump, it can all get a bit much. If you have noticed just how much news there is these days this is the show that can help you.

John Robertson’s Sweaty Sexy Party Party – 15th June 20:00
It’s a concert. It’s a party. It’s a stand-up show. It’s a riot. It’s whatever we want to make it tonight.

Ruby Redfort – 16th June 14:45 & 19:45
What would you do if a super secret agency asked you to be their new codebreaker? If you said yes, there’s a certain hero you should meet…

100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace – 17th June 20:00
Since the accident, Kat’s having trouble with her memory. Her only escape from her muddled mind is a hospital ward TV. Mix-ups, mayhem and muscle memory. There’s never a dull moment.

Michael Odewale #BLACKBEARSMATTER – 18th June 19:45
A fresh new voice known for delivering sharp, slick and beautifully executed content, Odewale is set to take the comedy world by storm.

Bananas – 18th June 21:30
Anna Banana can put words together that if sung would be so elegant, and if rapped would be lit!

Ivo Graham: The Game of Life (Work in Progress) – 19th June 19:00
More hilariously anxious blather from one of the most hilariously anxious blatherers in the business.

Tom Houghton: Edinburgh Preview – 19th June 21:00
Having been sent away at age six years old to the all boy environment, the world is turned upside down when the school decides to go co-ed for the first time and allow girls to join.

The Black Cat – 20th June 20:00
Balanced between the hilarious and the horrific, this show reimagines a macabre classic. It revels in the darkness that hides under the surface. It will get catty. Meow.

Hip Hip I’m Gay – 21st & 22nd June 20:00
HIP HIP I’M GAY! is a comedy cabaret that follows real-life stories and experiences of coming out and the mental health struggles people have faced alongside their sexual identity.


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