Fix from Worklight Theatre examines society’s addictions

Last Updated on 3rd July 2017

Fix at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017

Internationally acclaimed, Fringe First winning Worklight Theatre, will present Fix at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a brand new ensemble show that examines the causes and effects of various addictions in society – from substance abuse to behavioural addiction.

Based on research and interviews with addicts, and the people who love or work with them, Worklight use their trademark juxtaposition of the personal with the political, the head with the heart, the micro with the macro.

With an ensemble of three actor-musicians, Fix tells a story of three very different people battling three very different vices.

The use of music within Fix is an integral part of its storytelling. The language is full of imagery about the brain and the body and the music makes the experience as sensory as it is cognitive.

Co-writer Joe Sellman-Leeva comments, “It has been fascinating to learn more about how our brains reward us for things like eating, by releasing feel-good hormones, and how this changes if you become addicted to a substance or behaviour. The show asks if we all have the capacity to develop an addiction, and the role things like smart phones might play in this”.

Fix has been commissioned by Theatre Royal Stratford East. Fix will feature Rianna Dearden as Robyn, Fioana Whitelaw as Maggie and Fin Cormack as Zach.  It is written by Joe Sellman-Leeva and Michael Woodman, directed by Katharina Reinthaller, technical design by Sam Hollis Pack, stage and costume design by Charlotte Anderson and music and sound design by Lisandra Mendes and Gustave Robic.

Fix will be presented at Underbelly Cowgate (Belly Dancer) from 3rd August at 17:40 (not 16th) and is suitable for ages 16+


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