FIRST LOOK: Midlife Cowboy, Pleasance Theatre London

Last Updated on 21st September 2019

Some great First Look production photos by Adam Trigg of new British musical Midlife Cowboy now playing at the Pleasance Theatre London.

Midlife Cowboy Pleasance Theatre

Featuring a cast of talented actor/musicians, ‘Midlife Cowboy’ is tale of heartache, love, and friendship, laced with new country, blues, romantic and comedy songs.

‘Midlife Cowboy’ follows the fortunes of the members of the Swindon Country and Western Club as they bid to end many years of hurt by finally winning first prize at the prestigious Railway Museum Gala Evening – and along the way discover the true nature of heroism. But this is not just about country music. A marriage is in crisis, friendships are at risk, there is more than a sniff of infidelity in the air, and lives are changed when two new members to the club arrive and turn everything upside down.

Midlife Cowboy  stars Debra Stephenson, Duncan Wisbey, Georgina Field and James Thackeray.

Midlife Cowboy the musical by Tony Hawks runs at The Pleasance Theatre from 13 September to 6 October 2019.


Midlife Cowboy musical
The company of Midlife Cowboy.
Tony Hawks
Debra Stephenson and Tony Hawks
Duncan Wisbey
Duncan Wisbey and Georgina Field.
Midlife Cowboy tickets
Georgina Field and Duncan Wisbey.
Midlife Cowboy the musical
Tony Hawks
Midlife Cowboy
Tony Hawks, Georgina Field and Jasmes Thackeray.
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