FIRST LOOK: Boys from the Blackstuff

New production photos are out for James Graham’s adaptation of Alan Bleasdale’s TV Drama Boys from the Blackstuff coming to the Garrick Theatre.

Boys from the Blackstuff Garrick Theatre
Aron Julius, Dominic Carter, Jamie Peacock and Philip Whitchurch

New production photos have been released for James Graham’s new adaptation of Alan Bleasdale’s TV drama Boys from the Blackstuff which opens at the Garrick Theatre from 13 June for a limited eight-week season.


The new production is directed by Kate Wasserberg and the Liverpool’s Royal Court and National Theatre production is presented in the West End by Bill Kenwright Limited.
Graham’s acclaimed adaptation of Alan Bleasdale’s Boys from the Blackstuff will transfer to the West End following runs at Liverpool’s Royal Court and the National’s Olivier Theatre.

The cast includes George Caple as Snowy/Kevin/Scotty, Dominic Carter as Molloy/Marley/Landlord/Catholic Priest/Policeman, Helen Carter as Miss Sutcliffe/Freda/Margaret, Aron Julius as Loggo, Nathan McMullen as Chrissie, Lauren O’Neil  as Angie/Jean/Lawton/Student/Lollipop Lady, Jamie Peacock as Moss/Anglican Reverend, Barry Sloane as Yosser, Philip Whitchurch as George and Mark Womack as Dixie.

What is Boys from the Blackstuff about?

1980s Liverpool.  Chrissie, Loggo, George, Dixie and Yosser are used to hard work and providing for their families.  But there is no work and there is no money.  What are they supposed to do?  Work harder, work longer, buy cheaper, spend less?  They just need a chance.  Life is tough but the lads can play the game.  Find the jobs, avoid the ‘sniffers’ and see if you can have a laugh along the way.

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The photos and trailer were taken at Liverpool’s Royal Court. Photo credit: Andrew AB Photography.

Boys from the Blackstuff
Barry Sloane
Theatre tickets
Barry Sloane and Aron Julius
Garrick Theatre London
Barry Sloane and Jamie Peacock
Boys from the Blackstuff
Lauren O’Neil
Boys from the Backstuff
Mark Womack and Helen Marter
Garrick Theatre
Nathan McMullen and Aron Julius
Boys from the Backstuff
Nathan McMullen and Barry Sloane
Boys from the Blackstuff
Nathan McMullen and Laureen O’Neil
Boys from the Blackstuff
Nathan McMullen and Philip Whitchurch
Boys from the Blackstuff
Philip Whitchurch
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