Eugenius is a streaming hit raising over £13,200 for Acting For Others

Last Updated on 22nd March 2020

British musical Eugenius was a streaming hit last night as musical theatre fans at home tuned in to watch and raise over £13,200 for Acting For Others.

Eugenius streaming hit
Rob Houchen and the cast of Eugenius

Created by Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins, Eugenius the musical proved a critical and fan favourite as they perfectly captured that certain something about the 80’s and their own love of comic book superheroes.

Last night, the show’s second season at The Other Palace was screened for the first time and if the online comments are anything to go by scored a bullseye with audiences at home with over 57,000 views raising over £13,200 (so far) for Acting For Others.

The cast of Eugenius was led by the Rob Houchen as Eugene, Laura Baldwin as Janey, Daniel Buckley as Feris, Scott Paige as Theo, Neil McDermott as Evil Lord Hector, Emily Tierney as Carrie/ Super Hot Lady, Simon Thomas as Gerhard/ Tough man, Alison Arnopp as Space Diva/ Mrs Truthstretcher, Alex Bourne as Lex, alongside Christopher Ragland, Titus Rowe, Laurence Alex Tranter, Ben Darcy, Dillon Scott-Lewis, Lauren Cancannon, Amy West, and Sasha Wareham.

Fans of Flash Gordon can’t help but smile as the booming iconic voice of one Mr Brian Blessed is also featured in Ian Talbot’s fast-moving production with great choreography by Aaron Renfree. Darren Lord’s band keep that Eighties vibe going, it’s a complete package that was great to revisit.

Online viewers agreed:-

Eugenius is still available for screening via the show’s Facebook Page and you can still donate to Acting for Others. You can also find Eugenius on Twitter.

Beautifully filmed it will be interesting to see if other offerings over this period will meet the mighty Eugenius! Great to see a British musical with a such a great fan following (that seems to be growing thanks to this home streaming session!).

Keep an eye out on our home page for other shows keep us entertained from home during this period. And as the shows, social media proclaims #TogetherWeAreMighty


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