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Last Updated on 31st December 2022

Disney’s Newsies reviews are coming in and it looks like Jack Kelly and his boys are a must-see musical hit at the Troubadour Wembley Park.

Disney's Newsies London
The cast of Newsies. Photo: Johan Persson

Fans of Disney’s Newsies have waited patiently to see this major musical and now it has arrived and the buzz on the streets and with the critics is incredible.

First seen as a Disney movie starring Christian Bale, Newsies was labelled a dud by critics, but quietly over the years, home video built a following of fans around the world until Disney’s thoughts that the musical might have a life in community productions (accidentally) saw the show premiere on Broadway where it proved a bonafide hit extending its run several times eventually playing over 1000 performances winning two Tony Awards in the process including Best Score.

Newsies musical tickets

Based on a true story, Newsies the musical is set in New York City at the turn of the 20th century. It’s the rousing tale of a ragged band of teenage newspaper sellers, who dream of a better life far from the hardship of the streets. After newspaper magnate Joseph Pulitzer hikes up the prices for his papers charged to the newsies, Jack Kelly rallies his fellow newsies in an attempt to protest the change, falling in love with young reporter Katherine along the way. These young newsies from across the city come together and rise up against the exploitation of wealthy publishing tycoons and fight for justice using the only power they have – solidarity.

Newsies reviews London
The cast of Disney’s Newsies. Photo: Johan Persson


“Disney’s cult classic musical about striking finally hits the UK – and it’s a delight!

This is a family show that’ll dazzle secondary schoolers (even if its gee whizz, perpetually upbeat cast won’t remind them of any real-life boys they’d meet in Double Geography) and shake adults from their lethargy with its undeniable energy.

Matt Cole’s direction and choreography is a knockout: the billing as ‘immersive’ is a stretch, but there’s something so thrilling about the way the sizeable cast stampede down the Troubadour’s aisles, their feet making the seating stands vibrate and the audience’s pulses race. Virtuoso displays of gymnastics bring an accomplished score by Alan Menken (composer of Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’) to furious life: ‘Seize the Day’ is a feverishly catchy riot, performed in a wild tangle of tumbling bodies that feels like it should end Act Two (instead, more sombre, soulful number ‘Santa Fe’ does the hons)”.
Alice Saville – Time Out  4 Stars

musical theatre tickets London
Mukeni Nel, Cameron Jones and Mark Samaras in Newsies. Photo: Johan Persson

“Here’s one Christmas strike you might actually enjoy

Led by the charismatic Jake Kelly (mighty Michael Ahomka-Lindsay), the efforts of a rabble of dirt-poor street urchin newspaper vendors to take on a sleek and greedy print mogul become something to sing and dance about, if in a somewhat formulaic fashion. The plot is predictable, the characters sketchy — but the dynamism proves irresistible.

An astonishing ensemble of acrobatic, balletic, cartwheeling, backflipping, spring-loaded newsies — boys and a few girls, their faces aglow with defiance and determination — thunder up and down gangways, tap-dance on tiny tables and swing and swirl on industrial lamps in the printing works.

This stunning, winning dance show has its great big heart — as well as its fabulous feet — in all the right places”.
Georgina Brown – Daily Mail 4 Stars

Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre
Michael Ahomka Lindsay (Jack) and Matthew Duckett (Crutchie) in Newsies. Photo: Johan Persson.

“Carrying the banner call of Strike!, Alan Menken and Jack Feldman’s Newsies becomes the call to action that we need to hear. An absolutely electrifying show to watch, this revitalised musical is an example of the very best of musical theatre.

Newsies is timeless, and it will remain one of the most impressive feats of art for years to come. Seize the day and head over to the Troubadour Theatre, for Newsies is the event of the year and mandatory viewing for all”.
Katerina Partolina Schwartz – Broadway Baby 5 Stars

Disney musicals
Ross Dorrington as Spasher. Photo: Johan Persson

“With a huge, spectacular show which proves, once and for all, that musical theatre is good for the soul. Seize the day and get your tickets while you can: Newsies is going to be hitting the headlines for all the right reasons”.
Marianka Swain – London Theatre 4 Stars

“So who else deserves a special mention from last night’s show? No less than every single member of the cast that graced us with their incredible talent on the stage. We’ve never seen a show with such an in-sync ensemble whose energy and dedication blew us away from start to finish.

There are countless numbers throughout the show that have the audience’s jaws hanging on the floor. There was a particular moment last night after “Seize the Day” that we had a mid-show standing ovation that lasted a good couple of minutes. To look around the auditorium and see such joy and admiration, and to look on the stage and see a group of such talented young people, was enough to bring a tear to the driest of eyes”.
James Edge – West End Best Friend – 5 Stars

“Bristles with infectious energy!”
Evening Standard 3 Stars

Newsies musical
Mark Samaras (Mike). Photo: Johan Persson



Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre,
3 Fulton Road,
Wembley, London HA9 0SP

Newsies Running Time
2 hours 30 minutes (Incl 1 Interval)

Book Newsies London Tickets
Now booking until 16 April 2023

Newsies the musical is suitable for ages 5+

Performance Schedule
Tuesdays to Saturday 7.30pm
Tuesdays and Saturday 2.30pm
Sundays at 1pm and 5.30pm


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