Death Note the Musical takes us behind the scenes – First Look

After selling out ten West End performances at the London Palladium and Lyric Theatres, behind-the-scenes photos have been released by Death Note the Musical.

Death Note the Musical
George Maguire and Carl Man. Photo: Danny with a Camera

The cast of Death Note the Musical in Concert at the Lyric Theatre featured Aimie Atkinson, Rachel Clare Chan,  Dean John-Wilson, Jessica Lee,  George Maguire, Carl Man, Christian Ray Marbella, Joaquin Pedro Valdes  and an ensemble featuring Charlotte Coggin, Jade Copas, Eu Jin Hwang, Yojiro Ichikawa, Deena Kapadia, David Kar-Hing Lee, Jasmine Leung, Jojo Meredith, Marcel Li-Ping, Janine Somci, Boaz Chad and Patrick Munday .

Death Note the Musical
Dean John Wilson. Photo: Danny with a Camera

Based on the best-selling Japanese manga series of the same name by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata/Sheuisha, this groundbreaking musical (Winner Best Musical, Korea Musical Awards) has a score by Frank Wildhorn (‘Jekyll & Hyde’, four years on Broadway, ‘Dracula’, ‘Bonnie & Clyde’) with lyrics by Jack Murphy and book by Ivan Menchell.

Frank Wildhorn
Joaquin Pedro Valdes. Photo: Danny with a Camera

Light Yagami, a bright but dissatisfied high school student in Tokyo comes across a discarded notebook owned by Ryuk, a mythological god of death. Discovering he can kill anyone by just writing their names in the supernatural notebook, Light takes justice into his own hands by filling the notebook with names of the nation’s most wanted criminals. But a detective only known as “L” is soon tracking him down…

Death Note musical
George Macquire. Photo: Danny with a Camera

It is directed by Nick Winston and produced by Carter Dixon McGill Production (‘Chess in Concert’, ‘Kinky Boots in Concert’, ‘Treason the Musical in Concert’) Indie Theatrical and HoriPro in association with Pinnacle Productions, Greg A. DeLuca and Wild Yak Productions.

Death Note

Death Note the Musical premiered in 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. A 2022 Korean production won four awards at the Korea Musical Awards after being nominated in 10 categories (“Death Note offers a glimpse at the future of musicals”, The Korea Herald). In 2017, Netflix released a TV adaptation of ‘Death Note’ starring Willem Defoe.

Lyric Theatre
Jessica Lee. Photo: Danny with a Camera


Frank Wildhorn
Death Note the Musical Orchestra. Photo: Danny with a Camera

Death Note the Musical Creative team:
Director and Choreographer – Nick Winston
Associate Director and Choreographer – Alexzandra Sarmiento,
Costume Designer – Kimie Nakano
Musical Supervisor  – Katy Richardson
Musical Director – Chris Ma
Orchestrator – Jason Howland
Designer – Justin Williams
Lighting Designer – Ben Cracknell
Sound Designer – Ben Harrison
Casting – Harry Blumenau
Artwork by Rebecca Pitt Creative
Producers – Carter Dixon McGill Productions, Indie Theatrical, HoriPro Inc., Pinnacle Productions
in association with Greg A. DeLuca, Sharon Azrieli and Wild Yak Productions

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