In the first of our Throwback Thursday chats we caught up with Danny Becker, star of The Other Palace’s Lockdown production of The Last Five Years. Find out what inspires Danny and more about his journey to the West End Stage.

Danny Becker Aladdin
Dany Becker in Aladdin

1) What was your first ever show that you did as a kid and what was it that got you into the theatre world?
The first full show I remember doing as a kid was ‘West side story’ at my local am-dram group. Which back then felt like I was doing the biggest new Broadway smash hit, haha! I think the thing that got me into theatre was being able to see it as a kid. I was very lucky to have parents that would take me to the theatre every year for my birthday. Getting to see a West End show every year was a huge inspiration for me!

2)What are you working on now?
Before lockdown, I had just opened in the original West End cast of the Prince of Egypt. Sadly our show has been on pause for the last three months, in the meantime, I have had the wonderful opportunity to play the role of Jamie in a lockdown performance of the last five years.

3)How does the process of The Last Five years differ from your usual rehearsal process etc? Will you take anything that you’ve learnt from it into your next show after the pandemic is over?
This is a very interesting question. And it has been a very enlightening and challenging project having to do a full rehearsal process, learn how to self-film and try to perform to an iPhone camera. I’m so glad that I was given this opportunity and have loved putting it together, however when it comes to a true rehearsal process, I don’t think anything beats being able to do that in the room with a full creative team.

4) What three things can we always find in your dressing room?
You will always find a hair comb, normally so I can put my mic through my hair. I always have some comfy jumpers and tracksuits just so I can feel more relaxed and always have something for warm-up. And a new staple to my dressing rooms is my little French press coffee machine, which I am slightly obsessed with now.

5) If your life was a musical what would it be called? Or if there was a song from a musical that represents you today what would it be?
Bushey to Broadway 😂 (Bushey is a small village I grew up in. )

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