CRITIC’S CHOICE 2016: Alexa Terry

We asked our reviewers to take a look at 2016 and to nominate some stand out productions for 2016.

Alexa Terry replied with the following:-

Book tickets for The Pianist Of Willesden Lane at St James Theatre

The Pianist of Willesden Lane

Often, I find myself leaving the theatre with tear-streaked cheeks and puffy eyes. But, I was not prepared for the sobs that engulfed me, as I watched Mona Golabek’s The Pianist of Willesden Lane’ – a true story of how Lisa Jura, Golabek’s mother, was sent to Great Britain on the Kinderstransport and became a concert pianist. Overwhelming, powerful and hauntingly current, this is undoubtedly, one of the best and most moving pieces of theatre I have experienced.

Book now for Vanities The Musical
Lauren Samuels, Ashleigh Gray and Lizzy Connolly


‘Vanities’ completely provoked my emotions as I laughed out loud, had my heartstrings plucked and tried to cough away the lumps in my throat (I will get a reputation for being a cry-baby if I’m not careful!). With a satisfying score and delectable harmonies performed by a star trio, ‘Vanities’ was a highlight. (Plus, I am still singing ‘Cute Boys with Short Hair Cuts.’)

Billy Cullum and the cast of Rent. Photo: Matt Crockett


Jonathan Larson’s ‘Rent’ is timeless and completely sobering, as broken souls are laid bare before us. The score is completely satisfying, especially performed by this cast (let’s face it, I would see ‘Rent’ time and time again, just to see Layton Williams’ ‘Today 4 U.‘) But, overall, the way it encourages us to live and love each day, forgetting the ‘thens’ and ‘if/whens’ is extremely poignant, and more important than we, sometimes, allow ourselves to recognise.

What would your choices be?

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