Cats comes to the London Palladium for Christmas

Trevor Nunn, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Gillian Lynne announce the return of Cats

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Trevor Nunn and Gillian Lynne were today joined by Producer David Ian to announce that Cats will be returning to the West End in a “new edition” of the show.

Originally produced at The New London Theatre, the show ran for over 21 years confounding early naysayers who thought that a musical based on T.S Elliot’s Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats would never work.  The show went on to be staged around the world conquering all before it.

Lloyd Webber and his original creative team were excited to reveal that the London Palladium production would allow them to create a new blueprint for the show going forward for years to come.  Lloyd Webber revealed that this production would allow him a chance to re-work Growltiger’s Last Stand, which he was never really happy with, and to re-work The Rum Tum Tugger as a modern day rapper.

To help entice younger audiences who would be seeing the show for the first time, it was also revealed that there would be face-painting and photo-booths in the Palladium foyer throughout the run.

Cats tickets are on sale today.

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