REVIEW: The Phantom Of The Opera, Her Majesty’s Theatre ✭✭✭✭

Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom Of The Opera continues at Her Majesty's Theatre, London.

Although there are a few moments when the old girl creaks slightly, for the most part the staging feels contemporary and interest is snapped to attention right from the very start, when the slightly menacing words of the auctioneer herald the commencement of proceedings. The sequences in the Phantom’s lair, complete with boat, candles and ornate organ are almost hypnotic; tendrils of smoke wrap around the imagination, infusing the action and music with intrigue. Harriet Jones is beautiful, petite and alluring, exactly as Christine Daaé should be. Vocally, as the Phantom, Kieran Brown’s fine, high-baritone is silky, seductive, and powerful.

New WI Musical Rumpy Pumpy To Play Kings Head and Landor

Rumpy Pumpy plays at the Kings Head Theatre and The Landor Theatre

Rumpy Pumpy! is a vibrant new musical based on the true story of two ladies from the Hampshire Women’s Institute, Jean Johnson and Shirley Landels, who set out on a worldwide campaign to decriminalise prostitution and improve conditions for working girls. As the conflicting worlds of WI members and working girls collide for tea and crumpets, comedy and chaos ensues in this controversial new comedy. With this year marking the 100th Anniversary of the WI, Rumpy Pumpy! is proud to be a part of celebrating the WI’s history of helping women. Jean Johnson is still campaigning to this day. Rumpy Pumpy will feature Valerie Cutko as Jean Johnson – Carousel (Arcola Theatre), My Fair Lady (BBC Proms), Flahooley (Sadler’s Wells), with her trusty sidekick, Shirley Landels, being played by Marjorie Keys – Dr Do-little with Philip Schofield, Spend Spend Spend with Barbara Dickson, Chicago. Other casting includes Mandi Symonds as … Read more

REVIEW: Let It Be, Garrick Theatre ✭✭✭✭

Let It Be is a two hour marathon of Beatles hit performed nightly at the Garrick Theatre, London

Let It Be is a musical celebration of the Beatles and the many, many glorious hits that they recorded during the decade from 1906 to 1970. The show does not offer up any pretence at being a juke box musical with biographical elements, it simply gives audiences a mostly chronological hit smorgasboard, the likes of which will never be equaled by any other pop group.

REVIEW: The Producers, Churchill Theatre Then Touring ✭✭✭✭

The Producers by Mel Brooks is currently touring the UK

Wry and rapscallion, Cory English’s Max is perennially down and out and glibly shooting the breeze simultaneously. Jason Manford carefully crafts Leo as a buffoon with a heart of marshmallow, is very funny (physically and verbally) and nails his passion for show-business precisely. Like a deranged Bratwurst Behemoth, Jupitus’ Franz is a triumph of dysfunction, hysterical devotion to a lost cause and amiable murderous delusion. Tiffany Graves is in sensational form as the 11am temptress, Ulla.

Top 10 New Plays In The West End 10 March 2015

A View From The Bridge London

What Play should you see first in London? We have compiled this list to save you the trouble of working it out! It’s just our view – and everyone has one – based on our Reviewers’ thoughts. We will update the list regularly so new productions get on your radar and when original casts change that is factored in. Plays which have been running for more than three years are not included – this is a list for new or relatively new productions running in London. So go see them! 1. A View From The Bridge At the centre of the maelstrom of human experience that whips up and around and in Jan Versweyveld’s spare set is the towering, mesmerising and faultless turn from Mark Strong. Lean, muscular, a volcano approaching breaking point, Strong’s extraordinary Eddie is a once-in-a-generation performance. Read Our Review | Book Tickets 2. Taken at Midnight … Read more

REVIEW: Be Bop A Lula, Ambassador’s Theatre ✭✭✭

Be Bop A Lula Ambassadors Theatre London

Be Bop A Lula is a well-staged concert, to expect anything more would invite disappointment. What you will get from Be Bop A Lula is an evening of great music, delivered by an ensemble of performers with a love of the material that ensures it is performed with the love, care and respect that great Rock And Roll deserves.

REVIEW: Loserville, Union Theatre ✭✭✭✭

The cast of Loserville at the Union Thetare

With direction from Michael Burgen, musical direction from Bryan Hodgson, and choreography by Matt Kazan, this version of Loserville sparkles with enthusiastic effervescence, combining familiar comic stereotypes with excellent ensemble singing and dancing, and giving some excellent performers a chance to shine, all the while emphasising the inherent gifts provided by book, score and lyrics.