REVIEW: Things I Know To Be True, Lyric Hammersmith ✭✭✭✭✭

Frantic Assembly Things i Know To be True

Families are complicated and messy, nevertheless, family dramas when captured correctly can be hugely touching. No matter what our background, we all have emotive views about ‘family’, and those connections usually run deep. Brookman and Graham have made Bovell’s already vital story come to life in such a way that the actors’ performances truly soar. I defy you not to be moved. This, in short, is a blistering production with universal appeal. All I can say is; go! You will not be disappointed.

REVIEW: The Naked Magicians, Tragalgar Studios ✭✭✭✭

The Naked Magicians

Will you see better magic elsewhere? More than likely. Will you see more nudity at other destinations? Probably. Will you see the two together at another venue? I doubt it. And will they have the same on stage chemistry and tongue-in-cheek, macho, self-deprecating sense of fun? Not a chance. So, get the babysitter booked. Leave the kids at home. And get along to the Trafalgar Studios and enjoy.

Meet The Skater Punks From Punk Play

punkplay at Southwark Playhouse

We are pleased to bring you some great images from the rehearsal room of punkplay which starts previewing at Southwark Playhouse this week ahead of its opening night on the 9th September 2016. Gregory S. Moss’s punkplay is a riot of a play told at break-neck pace with a killer soundtrack, a coming-of-age story about subcultures, friendship and not-fitting-in – all on rollerskates! There’s Duck and there’s Mickey. They’re the kids of America and it’s the 80s apocalypse. They hate their parents and there’s no point in algebra. They’re grabbing at this thing called life: guitars, girls, love, fury, heartbreak and noise noise noise. Punk is their escape from suburbia and it’s like nothing they have ever heard. It’s fast – it’s alive – it’s already dead. Photos by Mathew Foster BOOK NOW FOR PUNKPLAY

REVIEW: Barbu, London Wonderground ✭✭✭✭✭

Barbu at London Wonderground

Barbu London Wonderground 5 Stars Book Now Firstly, I would just like to say, if you are a London Wonderground virgin, you are missing out! I would urge anyone who has not sampled the joyous nights (or, indeed days, should you choose a matinee) on London’s Southbank to race down there and partake in its delights. Get your tickets booked, get there early, enjoy a drink there, grab a bite to eat at one of the food stalls, and enjoy some unadulterated fun. There is no finer way, in my humble opinion, to enjoy a London summer’s evening than in this location – and irrespective of the actual weather, there is a pervading and inherent sunny disposition in the air. It instantly makes me reminiscent of summer nights spent at Edinburgh Festival Fringe – helped by the presence of the Giant Purple Cow that dominates the skyline – as everyone … Read more

REVIEW: People, Places and Things, Wyndham’s Theatre ✭✭✭✭✭

Book now for People Places And Things at Wyndham's Theatre

People, Places and Things Wyndham’s Theatre 5 Stars More Info | Book Now Whenever I review I always hope I act with discretion while making the occasional note to refer back to after the performance. I never want to distract my neighbor from the story that is unfolding on stage. There was no chance, however, of this being an issue throughout People, Places, Things at Wyndham’s Theatre – the action is arresting, and the performances thoroughly engaging. This production was so good it stopped me writing; I could not take my eyes off it for a second. Duncan Macmillan’s play, a co-production between The National Theatre and Headlong, enjoyed a successful run at The Dorfman last Autumn, and as the vibrancy of this production spills out into the auditorium it is all too clear why it sold out – its transfer is utterly deserved. In an attempt to recreate the … Read more