BIG INTERVIEW: David Schaal and Vincent Regan on A Steady Rain

A Steady Rain at the Arcola Theatre

Following a successful stint at East Yorkshire’s East Riding Theatre, Keith Huff’s critically acclaimed play A Steady Rain is set to tread the boards at London’s Arcola Theatre. Layla Haidrani caught up with lead actors David Schaal (The Office) and Vincent Regan (Troy), asking what audiences might expect from its London premiere.  Q: What initially drew you to A Steady Rain? VR:  I was looking for a really good contemporary play and one that didn’t have a very big cast as we couldn’t afford to pay a lot of actors. I came across Steady Rain and liked it so much I thought I’d like to do it myself. I don’t usually do much theatre – I’ve only done a couple of plays in the 15 years. DS: I was immediately drawn to the amazing script. Very rarely do you read a play and think I absolutely have to do it … Read more