REVIEW: Merit, Finborough Theatre ✭✭✭

Merit at the Finborough Theatre

Merit at The Finborough by Alexandra Wood explores the unravelling relationship between a mother and daughter during the financial crash in 2013 Spain. A fast paced two-hander, the play confronts the morality of ambition, the nature of altruism and how success affects our responsibilities to family and friends.

REVIEW: Firebird, Trafalgar Studios 2 ✭✭✭✭✭

Firebird at Trafalgar Studios 2

Firebird deals with pertinent weighty issues of race, class and child exploitation, but the writing shines with Phil Davies’ dark humour. It is punchy and savage, it’s stark grimy set underscored with intrusive dubstep during the scene changes. See this play for the three performances of the small cast, who possess an unbridled and searing energy that shakes you to the core.

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