REVIEW: Amour, Royal Academy Of Music ✭✭✭✭

Amour at the Royal Academy Of Music

If tonight’s performance represents the future of British theatre then we are in very safe hands indeed. OK, so the story is about as substantial as the walls that kept toppling throughout the production. However, a beautiful score and some first-class performances showed that Amour really can be a labour of love. Now, where can I find a cast recording?

REVIEW: Alpha Beta, Finborough Theatre ✭✭

Alpha Beta at the Finborough Theatre

It’s exactly as bleak as it sounds; the entire play is one long, petty, extended, circular argument, stretched over nine miserable years. There’s very little respite (apart from a blissful five minutes in Act Three) – the two deliberately wind each other up and go after each other for the whole production.

REVIEW: Reality, Ovalhouse ✭✭✭

Reality at the Ovalhouse Theatre

Reality follows a group of fame-hungry youngsters who get a final recall for The Hostage, a new reality TV show which they hope will get them closer to fame and fortune. The wannabe stars are put through a series of increasingly sadistic and unnerving tasks by unhinged producer Oscar (Jack Stimpson) in order to prove that they’ve got what it takes.

REVIEW: James Freedman – Man Of Steal, Trafalgar Studios 1 ✭✭✭✭

James Freedman - Man Of Steal at the Trafalgar Studios

It is always fantastic to see original theatre in London and Man of Steal certainly breaks new ground in putting on a public safety lecture with a difference. Freedman rightly received a warm reception from the crowd but perhaps the biggest compliment of all was the number of people checking and rearranging their pockets and bags as they left the Trafalgar Studios. Proof if it were needed that he really did steal the show.