REVIEW: Vanities, Trafalgar Studios 2 ✭✭✭✭

Book now for Vanities The Musical

‘Vanities The Musical’ is another dazzling production in Aria Entertainment’s charming and growing catalogue and, whether it is an evening with your friends, or with a glass of wine as your only accompaniment, I urge you to invest in a ticket – you won’t be disappointed as you come away with aching cheeks from smiling and your heart strings well and truly tugged.

REVIEW: Crime and Punishment, The Scoop ✭✭

Crime and Punishment at The Scoop

Not only does he (Phil Willmott) offer free live performances to theatre virgins, to those who wouldn’t normally choose to spend their money on tickets and to those who now refuse to pay the extortionate rising ticket prices, but most importantly, for me, he tells us the stories which gather dust on our bookshelves; the ones we are all guilty of shoving to the back behind copies of Harry Potter and Bridget Jones. Overall, whether I enjoyed the musical doesn’t really matter because I was introduced to a classic that I should have appreciated by now – and a darn good one it is.

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