Are British Casino Halls the Best Place to Host Events?

Over the last few years, British casino halls have become increasingly popular in the events world, with numerous establishments hosting live entertainment on a weekly basis. So, what is it about these casino halls that attract so many performers and customers?

There are hundreds of casinos scattered around Britain, some of which are part of world-renowned chains and others that are independent. While each has its own unique flair, they all share the same atmosphere that can only be found within the walls of a casino hall. It is vivacious, exciting and thrilling in a way that only a casino can be, perhaps caused by the games that are available or the interesting people that frequent these places. This may be the biggest reason as to why British casino halls are hosting more exhilarating events than ever before.

Take London’s Hippodrome Casino for example, the largest international-style casino in all of the United Kingdom. Not only does it have the space to accommodate almost any sort of event you can imagine, but it has a distinct, indescribable ambience. Ever since the casino opened in July 2012, it has attracted locals and tourists seeking thrills, as well as huge names in show business. There are four floors comprising of games, an award-winning restaurant, a 180-seat cabaret room and a total of six bars – making the Hippodrome the perfect venue for shows and events.

In October alone, the casino hosted several NFL game screenings, burlesque shows, Alexander Stewart and Al Pitcher’s stand-up comedy show Sverige Syndrome. As Christmas approaches, there are even more shows lined up including tribute bands, stand-up comedy and drag shows. For 2018, the Hippodrome has already got A Night With Nigel Farage, Nick Ferrati Interviewed By Nick Clegg and Vonda Shepard on the cards, with plenty more to be announced in the future.

Meanwhile in Leeds, there’s Victoria Gate Casino – otherwise known as the Super Casino of the North. There, gamers will find an enormous dedicated poker area with over one hundred seats, 140 slot machines, a 24-table live gaming zone, 80 electronic games and numerous sports betting terminals. This wide variety of games is perhaps the second reason why British casinos are gaining popularity.

Over the last decade, gamers have flocked to the internet to play online casino games that simply aren’t as accessible or available in physical locations. Instead, casino enthusiasts rely on sites like online casino 32Red to supply live games with real dealers or a wider array of slot games. For example, 32Red offers more than 300 slot machines as well as a broad range of table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Casino Holdem and more which can be played with a real dealer from the comfort of one’s home. Other online casinos like Karamba offer special perks to their visitors with free spins on their slots while Sky Vegas host instant-win titles such as Deal or No Deal.

However, while it is arguably still easier to play online, gamers can now visit establishments such as Victoria Gate Casino to experience a bar packed full of television screens where visitors can watch live sport from around the world and enjoy a wide variety of drinks. Needless to say, there are plenty of events managers aiming to book a night at the Super Casino. Victoria Gate is so popular that they’ve had to create an events package with several different deals, though booking on the weekend will be difficult as there is live music each and every week. During the holiday season, there are a number of events planned, all of which are sure to attended by plenty of locals and tourists. There’s even a Christmas menu that will run throughout December, with seats quickly being snapped up.

While Leeds’s Super Casino is a leading venue in the North of England, we couldn’t possibly go without mentioning Manchester235. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Manchester235 staff are constantly able to host any event that comes their way, whether it be by independent parties, businesses or celebrities. There is American Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco, Three Card Poker, Slots and Electronic Roulette to play, as well as a 170-seat James Martin restaurant to dine in.

Of course, not all successful British casino halls are independent. When it comes to successful chain casinos with interesting events to offer, Napoleon’s certainly stands out. With buildings situated in Bradford, Hull, Leeds, London and Sheffield, Napoleon’s are renowned around the country. Each venue hosts live sport screenings, live music, cabaret, tournaments and even quizzes that simply cannot be recreated in other venues. Often, these establishments are also well known by locals for serving delicious food and hosting incredible poker tournaments.

Really, it’s no surprise that casino halls throughout Britain are attracting so much attention within the events industry. They are often large enough to accommodate any sort of event, usually have everything one could ever need within their walls and, perhaps most importantly, have an ambience that can’t be found in somewhere like a city hall or pub. It very well may be, that casinos will become a leading venue for many more events in the fut