Anti Vax protestors cause havoc at Milton Keynes Theatre

The Anti Vax protest movement’s actions hit a new low yesterday when they disrupted a pantomime performance at Milton Keynes Theatre scaring an audience full of young children.

Milton Keynes Theatre
Milton Keynes Theatre. Photo: ATG

Forcing their way in a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk during the matinee on 29 December at Milton Keynes Theatre being attended by families (many with young children) enjoying a festive pantomime treat.

A mob of protestors had stormed and disrupted the nearby Covid test centre yelling ‘shame on you and taking boxes of Covid tests (currently in short supply) and placing them in the bin. Dissatisfied with causing havoc at the busy test centre, these louts forced their way into the theatre mid-performance, interrupting the show and scaring young children watching the show prompting furious parents to express their anger on social media with one saying:- “To anyone that took part in the demonstration in Milton Keynes today – forcing your way into MK theatre and traumatising a lot of small children that came with their families to see the panto was a pretty low stunt”.

He added: “I didn’t understand the nonsense that was being spouted by the deranged leaders of this farce, I’m sure the scared children didn’t either. Perhaps your delusions extend as far as being proud of yourselves. Sad enough that you probably believe whatever it was supposed to be about, even more sad that you apparently revel in disturbing what might possibly be the only fun day out a family might have this festive season.

“Try to educate yourselves and have more respect for vulnerable individuals, you misguided fools.”

He added: “So this is my personal opinion as an angry member of the public. I don’t represent the theatre in any way.”

Another post read: “So anti-vaxxers decide it’s ok to go and disrupt families enjoying the panto at MK Theatre. Everyone has the right to their own choices, absolutely, but what is not cool is when they disrupt families and apparently scare kids. That is NOT cool”.

Management of Milton Keynes Theatre posted the following statement :- “Regarding the events this afternoon: A group of protestors forced their way into our foyer during the matinee perf. Although we respect the right to choose whether to have a vaccination, we rebuke the actions taken that saw our staff and patrons frightened and assaulted.

“At a time when customers should be enjoying the fun and excitement of panto, it’s sad to see the visit for our customers marred in this way. We praise the efforts of our staff this afternoon in what was a very difficult situation and thank our customers for their support.

“Milton Keynes Theatre and Ambassador Theatre Group will continue to follow government Covid-19 guidelines to keep our staff, customers and visiting company as safe as possible, and to enable live theatre to continue during this pandemic.”


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