Tommy Steele in The Glenn Miller Story UK Tour

Tommy Steele in The Glenn Miller Story


Tommy Steele is to feature in an extraordinary new stage production of The Glenn Miller Story which will tour the UK.

The Glenn Miller Story with Tommy Steele will feature a live 16 piece authentic Glenn Miller orchestra as well as a company of singers, dancers and actors telling the life story of one the 20th Century's most iconic musicians.

For the past 15 or so years Bill Kenwright and his idol Tommy Steele have had supper two or three times every year to talk about the past (mainly Tommy’s past, as Bill can never have enough of Tommy’s stories about rock ‘n roll’s golden era!) the present (Scrooge or Doctor Dolittle) and the future (“we’ve got to find a show Tommy which I can produce for more than 10 weeks in the year like Scrooge!”)

The “let’s find another show” conversations have been long and varied. And have possibly included adaptations of every screen musical ever written. It was when discussing a particular favourite of theirs; the James Stewart box office smash The Glenn Miller Story, that Bill discovered that his all-encompassing love for Elvis was equal only to Tommy’s adoration for Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. Bill learned that Tommy is a true devotee; travelling all over the world to hear what remains of the original Orchestral Sounds, and is steeped in the knowledge and the glory of what Glenn Miller did for popular music. Tommy enthused that Glenn changed the face of it from 1939 – 1943 when he was the most popular recording artist in the world. Some might say similar to what Elvis did from the mid 50’s when he too was the most popular recording artist in the world.

The thought of Tommy Steele and The Glenn Miller Story was a wonderful opportunity to create something special in the mind of a producer like Bill. However, as Tommy told him, there was an obvious problem! Although he’s still one of this country’s greatest “8 shows a week” song and dance men, Tommy was too old to play Glenn! It was three years later – at a dinner party celebrating Tommy’s award as the Most Popular Entertainer of All Time at the London Palladium – that they came up with what they believed to be the answer!! What was it?? Come and see for yourself when The Glenn Miller Story is at a theatre near you. But here’s a clue – Tommy Steele will not be the Narrator.


25 – 29 October 2016
Alhambra Theatre Bradford

1 – 5 November 2016
Sunderland Empire



28 August – 5 September 2015
Wimbledon New Theatre

7 – 12 September 2015
Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

14 – 19 September 2015
Kings Theatre, Glasgow

21 – 26 September 2015
Theatre Royal, Newcastle

28 September – 3 October 2015
Regent Theatre, Stoke

5 – 10 October 2015
Blackpool Opera House

12 – 17 October 2015
Grand Theatre, Swansea

19 – 24 October 2015
Wolverhampton Grand Theatr

26 – 31 October 2015
Milton Keynes Theatre

2 – 7 November 2015
Palace Theatre Manchester

9-14 November 2015
New Theatre, Cardiff

29 December – 10 January 2016
The Broadway, Peterborough

12 – 17 January 2016
Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

19 – 23 January 2016
Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury

26 – 30 January 2016
Edinburgh Playhouse

2 – 6 February 2016
Bord Gais Theatre, Dublin

9 – 13 February 2016
His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen

16- 20 February 2016
Congress Theatre, Eastbourne

23 – 27 February 2016
Hippodrome Theatre, Bristol

29 February – 5 March 2016
Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Friday 5 – Saturday 13 August 2016
Cliff's Pavillion, Southend On Sea

15 – 20 August 2016
Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield

Monday 22 – Saturday 27 August 2016
Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

Monday 29 August – Saturday 5 September 2016
New Theatre Oxford

Tuesday 6 – Saturday 10 September
Theatre Royal, Plymouth

Tuesday 13 – Saturday 17 September 2016
Theatre Royal, Nottingham

Tuesday 20 – Saturday 24 September 2016
Malvern Theatre

Tuesday 27 September – Saturday 1 October 2016
The Hawth, Crawley

4 – 8 October 2016
Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

Tuesday 11 October – Saturday 15 October 2016
Venue Ctmru, llandudno

18 – 22 October 2016
Orchard Theatre Dartford

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  • Oonagh Griffith

    Would love to see this show. Shame it is not coming to Northern Ireland.

    • Joany hogan

      Wish the show would come to Sussex
      I’ve seen most of his shows, and he is brilliant.

  • Steve Easton

    Glenn Miller Story
    Went to the Mayflower Theatre last night with my wife & her friend & we were very disappointed with the show.

    We thought Tommy Steele should retire gracefully & not destroy his legendary performances from the past , don’t get us wrong for a man of 78 he did very well , however from the beginning of the story he was already old looking when he married his young wife it would be better to have a younger actor at the start then in part two bring on Tommy Steele to portray an older Glenn Miller.
    Just my personal thoughts

    • Elizabeth Ellis

      Fair comment … we’re going to Bradford on Saturday (matinee) so will maybe let you know what we thought! I was wondering how Tommy Steele could play a younger man and then older, even with makeup it could be difficult. But putting that aside GM music was always great and I’m sure the orchestra will do it justice. We’re looking forward to the show

  • Bob Sibley

    Glen Miller Storey.
    My wife and went to mayflower Theatre last night. Our thoughts was that Tommy Steele was fantastic legendry performance . Brilliant for 78 yrs. The cast was excellent . Wonder full storey of Major Glen Miller
    and his Orchestra Full on . Would See again

  • Robert Pryse-Jones

    Saw the show last week in Wimbledon and thought that the production of the show was really good and that from the moment Tommy Steele first appeared on stage the show was a true tribute to Major Glenn Miller
    The whole cast portrayed the eta as if it was today. Congratulations to everyone


    Here at we appreciate your feedback on the shows on our site. Keep your feedback coming!

    • SYLVIA Barbieri

      Saw the Glen Miller show at the Liverpool Empire enjoyed the show but like some of the other comments felt a younger man should have played Glen and Tommy could have narrated and still sang .

  • Nina Tabeart

    Went to see the show in Hanley stoke-on-Trent. The show was great, the music, dancing & singing the whole cast could not be faulted. Tommy Steel can still hold an audience he may not move as quick as he did 60 years ago but his cheeky grin and his wonderful voice more than made up for that. Thank you Mr Steel for a wonderful night.

  • Jean satterthwaite

    Just been to see The Glenn Miller Stoŕy with Tommy Steele at Blackpool one word Fantastic from start to finish

  • Sue Nicholson

    Marvelous show this evening in Blackpool.

  • Lin Jones

    Saw this last night in Swansea, Tommy still has the magic!

  • Mo Gamble

    Have just returned from the Swansea matinee. What a wonderful show. Tommy is just as charismatic as ever and the band and dancers were terrific.

  • Stephen Hopkins

    Saw the show last Saturday night.Great Music played well by a very talented orchestra.Dancing and singing from the youngsters was outstanding and right on beat for the time.Tommy exudes a warmth and love for the piece and still carries his love for live musical theatre over the stage and into the audience.A very enjoyable evening,it was not Hamlet it was not meant to be,but a charming well delivered show with great music.

  • Pat Jacques

    Saw the show in Wolverhampton last night. Great night. Brilliant orchestra and dancers. Well done Tommy. Your dedication shone through. A wonderful tribute to Major Miller. I was born towards the end of the war and grew up listening to the Glen Miller Sound.. Thank you Bill Kenwright , Tommy and all concerned for bringing a touch of nostalgia to the Midlands.

  • Dee Hibbert

    We saw the show in Milton Keynes on Friday, it was fantastic and Tommy definitely has lost none of his magic. The standing ovation at the end was well deserved..a great night ..thanks Tommy!

  • Peter Chadbourne

    We saw the show at the Palance, Manchester last night. It was an uplifting evening with Tommy Steele on top of his game supported by talented, indefatigable dancers/singers, actors who sang beautifully and a superb orchestra providing the genuine sound with great enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone, especially Tommy for his heartwarming performance. He is a star.

  • Ken Green

    I have just been to see The Glenn Miller story at the Broadway Theatre in Peterborough led by Tommy Steele. The show was brilliant and the cast truly deserved the standing ovation indeed !!
    Tommy was my absolute hero when I was a child and he continues to perform with the same charm and talent as he has done for the last fifty five years since I first heard him sing on our old wireless !!

  • Dave

    Went last night to the Marlowe in Canterbury to see the Glen Miller story and came away disappointed. The music and dancing were great but why was Tommy Steele cast as Glen? Would have been a lot better if a younger person had the role, closer to Helen’s age and not a 50 year difference.

  • June Holland

    Loved the show and have a huge soft spot for Tommy Steele. He was brilliant but completely miscast. He looked like his wife’s grandfather. Bless him, he is old and Glenn Miller never grew old. The music was absolutely amazing and his ‘wife’ had a fabulous voice, loved the dancers and the musicians, we just needed a younger Glenn, John Barrowman ???

  • Rog

    This is a Bill kenright / Tommy Steele indulgence. A show for each other. When you understand that , the fact that Tommy is totally miscast doesn’t matter. Yes he can’t dance anymore – he’s 79! He can still sing a bit though and obviously loves being on stage. He can still command an audience and if you are a fan of Steele and/or Miller you must see this show.

  • Dave Wynne

    Went to the last show at Liverpool, agree why wasn’t Tommy cast as the narrator, giving a new talent the opportunity to play this was inappropriate in many ways and terrible miscasting!

  • Helen Morland

    Just the joy of Tommy Steele makes this show, saw it last night 05/03/16 in Liverpool. I smiled the whole way through!!

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  • LV

    I am hoping to get to Birmingham to see the show. The last time I saw Tommy was at the Coventry Theatre (many years ago). As an ten year old I was allowed to go the Hotel Leofric (on my own) in Coventry to see if I could get his autograph. I remember him asking me if he could use my pen to sign some others and the girls went crazy and wanted to buy my pen. Fifty six years on I still have that autograph and some very special memories.

  • Tracy Guppy

    Just seen this show at cliffs in Southend and thought it was brilliant, great band and dancers and Tommy Steel was fantastic well done every one

  • linda

    Just seen this in Birmingham…please tommy retire gracefully..a great show with fantastic band and dancers was ruined by a lovely man unfortunately way way too old to do justice to the role…

  • Larah

    Just returned from the matinee in Birmingham. My husband and I both loved the show. The music was excellent and the singer who played Helen has a fantastic voice. Yes, Tommy Steele is old, but I don’t agree with all the carping criticisms of his performance. He can’t leap about the stage anymore and he needed the microphone but he is 79 after all and I for one (and the rest of the audience who gave him a standing ovation) felt it a privilege to see him and enjoy a really good afternoon. Of course he looked a lot older than his ‘wife’ – what do you expect? Just suspend disbelief and enjoy the music and spectacle. Thank you Tommy for all your music over the years.