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    From Here To Eternity at the Shaftesbury Theatre
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Adapted from the book From Here To Eternity which subsequently became an iconic film starring Burt Lancaster, Frank Sinatra, Deborah Kerr and Donna Reed, this epic new musical sees Tim Rice’s (Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Lion King, Chess) return to the West End after a 13 year absence.

Spearheading a talented young creative team, From here To Eternity promises a tale of illicit love set against the Second World War. This is not a romanticised take on World War 2 but a realistic take that shows the hardships and cold hard realities of military life at the time.

Even in the face of war, in this case Pearl Harbour, 1941, love and desire are never far away. As lives are being ripped apart, Private Prewitt falls for Lorene, a kind hearted escort club girl whilst Warden starts a liaison with his commanding officer’s wife.

Cast & Creative:

Warden – Darius Campbell

Judson – Brian Doherty

Prewitt – Robert Lonsdale

Bloom – Joshua Lacey

Lorene – Siubhan Harrison

Karen – Rebecca Thornhill

Maggio – Ryan Sampson



Lyrics & Producer – Tim Rice

Music – Stuart Brayson

Book – Bill Oakes

Director – Tamara Harvey

Set & Costume Designer – Soutra Gilmour

Choreographer – Javier De Frutos

Lighting Designer – Bruno Poet

Sound Designer – Mick Potter

Video Designer – Jon Driscoll

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