FIRST LOOK: Anyone Can Whistle at the Union Theatre

We’re pleased to bring you these great first look production photos of Anyone Can Whistle which is now playing at London’s Union Theatre. This rare revival of Stephen Sondheim and Arthur Laurents musical satire will run until 11 March 2017.

Anyone Can Whistle is political allegory in musical comedy form that tells the story of a town that’s gone bankrupt because its only industry is manufacturing something that never wears out. In order to revive her town Mayoress Cora Hoover Hooper and her town council fake a miracle – water flowing from a rock – to attract tourists. When patients at the local mental hospital escape and mix with the townspeople and tourists, chaos ensues whilst J. Bowden Hapgood, a fake psychiatrist falls in love with Fay Apple, a nurse at the asylum who has disguised herself as a miracle verifier sent from Lourdes.

The show contains a raft of classic Sondheim numbers including Me and My Town, Anyone Can Whistle, There Won’t be Trumpets, Everybody Says Don’t and With So Little to be Sure Of.

The cast of Anyone Can Whistle includes Felicity Duncan, Oliver Stanley, Rachel Deloose, James Horne, Richard Foster King, Mark Garfield, Christopher Laishley, Alessandro Lubrano, Joe Miller, Michael Larcombeabbey Adams, Isabel Wroe Wright, kate Hurley, Natalie Thorn, Mitchel Laithbury, Joey Warne, Laura Pick, Tom Mussell and Victoria-Louise Currie.

Anyone Can Whistle is directed by Phil Willmott, production management by Toby Burbidge, costume design by Penn O’Gara, musical direction by Richard Baker, and choreography by Holly Hughes.

Photos: Scott Rylander


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Felicity Duncan (Cora), James Horne (Schub), Rachel Deloose (Fay) and Oliver Stanley (Hapgood) in Anyone Can Whistle.

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The company of Anyone Can Whistle.

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Oliver Stanley as Hapgood and Company in Anyone Can Whistle.