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The Producers by Mel Brooks is currently touring the UK

REVIEW: The Producers, Churchill Theatre Then Touring ✭✭✭✭

Wry and rapscallion, Cory English’s Max is perennially down and out and glibly shooting the breeze simultaneously. Jason Manford carefully crafts Leo as a buffoon with a heart of marshmallow, is very funny (physically and verbally) and nails his passion for show-business precisely. Like a deranged Bratwurst Behemoth, Jupitus’ Franz is a triumph of dysfunction, […]

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The cast of Loserville at the Union Thetare

REVIEW: Loserville, Union Theatre ✭✭✭✭

With direction from Michael Burgen, musical direction from Bryan Hodgson, and choreography by Matt Kazan, this version of Loserville sparkles with enthusiastic effervescence, combining familiar comic stereotypes with excellent ensemble singing and dancing, and giving some excellent performers a chance to shine, all the while emphasising the inherent gifts provided by book, score and lyrics.

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