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Michael Greco

The Thrill of it All: Actors and Card Games

  Fuelled by the growth of celebrity-packed tournaments in exotic locations, casino games like Poker have come out of the salon straight into popular culture. While it’s true that poker attracts players from all walks of life, actors in particular seem to be avid players of the game. For some, poker is a game that […]

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Playwright Inua Ellams on Barber Shop Chronicles

INTERVIEW: Playwright Inua Ellams – Barber Shop Chronicles

The Playhouse’s first co-production with the National Theatre, Barber Shop Chronicles is the dynamic new play inspired by a Chapeltown barber, written by rising literary star Inua Ellams (Black T-Shirt Collection, the National Theatre, The 14th Tale, Fringe First winner). Vibrant and joyous, Barber Shop Chronicles spans continents following African men from London to Johannesburg, […]

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5 Famous Actors Who Started In British Theatre

5 Famous Actors Who Started in British Theatre A lot of today’s leading Hollywood thespians can be traced back to theatre, especially some of our very own British stars. It’s also not uncommon to see Hollywood actors make their mark on the British theatre stage. With that in mind, this article is going to cover […]

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